Rugby Oldham Statement

Rugby Oldham supporters trust has had frank discussions with 75% shareholder Bill Quinn. The Trust can reveal that Bill Quinn has not walked away from Oldham R.L.F.C. but is actively seeking a resolution to the current crisis. Mr. Quinn is still in negotiation with Chris Hamilton and believes the implementation of certain changes can move matters forward. The discussions held to date with Rugby Oldham have been cordial and productive. Rugby Oldham stands ready to assist any party or parties with the best interests of professional rugby in Oldham at heart and will co-operate with all existing or any potential new investors in the club. To progress matters further the supporters trust will seek talks with Chris Hamilton the club’s 25% shareholder and CEO. Should it become necessary, the elected board of the supporters trust, as a democratic members’ organisation, will seek a mandate from its members to take whatever action is deemed necessary to secure the future of a professional Rugby League club in Oldham. Rugby Oldham has also had in depth discussions with supporters direct, the national body with experience in dealing with professional rugby and soccer clubs, whose advice and assistance could prove invaluable in the current circumstances.