Please find below both the application form (doc) and the board membership policy (PDF) to join the board of Rugby Oldham.
Board Membership Application Form (doc)
Board Membership Policy (PDF)


The Trust is a democratic organisation, and its members have the opportunity to elect representatives to the Trust’s board each year. When it was first established, a steering group ran the Trust and established its Constitution with considerable guidance from the national Supporters’ Direct organisation, but as soon as was possible, at the first AGM, held in April 2006, eight members were elected to form the Trust’s board. They were :
Michael Ackroyd
Iain Ashworth
Geoff Cooke
Ian Etchells
Linda Mills
Iain Taylor
Brian Walker
Simon Winnard
These eight then elected Iain Taylor to be their Chair, Ian Etchells to be Deputy-Chair and Michael Ackroyd the Trust’s Treasurer. In addition, they co-opted representatives of Oldham RLFC, the Oldham Amateur League, the Oldham Service Area and the Heritage Trust - respectively Roger Halstead, Phil Bradbury, Don Yates and Michael Turner - to the board, on which Ian Wilson also sat, as Secretary.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Trust, Geoff Cooke, Linda Mills, Iain Taylor and Simon Winnard stood down as board members after one year, and in May, 2007, Geoff Cooke, Charlotte Deakin, Iain Taylor and Simon Winnard were elected to the board to serve up to 2009. On the sad death of Don Yates, Garry Hepworth replaced him as the nominated representative of the Service Area on the Trust’s board.

In 2008, again in accordance with the Constitution, Michael Ackroyd, Iain Ashworth, and Brian Walker stood down as elected board members. In addition, Ian Etchells and Simon Winnard resigned from the board during 2007-08. Accordingly, in May 2008, the following were elected to the board, to join Geoff Cooke, Charlotte Deakin and Iain Taylor : Iain Ashworth, Dave Blackburn, Steve Brown and Brian Walker. Alun Goodwin also replaced Phil Bradbury as the nominee of the Oldham Amateur League, and Ian Wilson took the additional role of acting Treasurer.

In 2009, Geoff Cooke, Charlotte Deakin and Iain Taylor stood down after completing their two-year stint, and five members were elected to join messrs. Ashworth, Blackburn, Brown and Walker : Geoff Cooke, Charlotte Deakin and Iain Taylor again, plus Tim Hughes and Phil Whitworth. These five duly resigned in May, 2011, and were replaced at the June 2011 AGM by Messrs. Cooke, Hughes, Taylor & Whitworth, again, plus Mike Kivlin. Meanwhile, at the 2010 AGM,  messrs. Ashworth, Blackburn, Brown and Walker were all elected to serve a further two years, and Phil Bradbury returned to the board to represent the OAL. Bob Henthorn was also invited to join the board as the representative of the former players association.

Messrs. Ashworth, Blackburn, Brown and Walker were again re-elected at both the 2012 and the 2014 AGMs, and so are now due to serve as elected members of the board until May, 2016. Meanwhile, messrs. Cooke, Hughes, Kivlin, Taylor and Whitworth were re-elected in 2013, and so will serve until May, 2015. Phil Bradbury [OAL], Michael Turner [Heritage Trust] and Bob Henthorn [former players association] continue as co-opted members of the board, with Geoff Cooke now Chairman and Ian Wilson Secretary and Acting Treasurer.

Ian Wilson, Secretary. [12.08.14]