Rugby Oldham - Constitution

The legal name of the Trust is Oldham Rugby League Community & Supporters Society Limited, which is commonly known as “Rugby Oldham - A Rugby League Community Trust'.

The constitution sets out the manner in which Rugby Oldham should legally undertake its activities.  One of the most important principles underpinning Rugby Oldham is that it is a democratic 'non-profit' society for the benefit of the members. 

Each member has one share in Rugby Oldham, irrespective of the level of donation made and has the same rights as any other member, being one member one vote.


Please note that Rugby Oldham’s objects are, either itself or through a subsidiary company or society trading for the benefit of the community and acting under its control:

  1. to strengthen the bonds between the Club and the community which it serves and to represent the interests of the community in the running of the Club;
  2. to benefit present and future members of the community served by the Club by promoting encouraging and furthering the game of rugby league as a recreational facility, sporting activity and focus for community involvement;
  3. to further the development of the game of rugby league nationally and internationally and the upholding of its rules; 
  4. to encourage the Club to take proper account of the interests of its supporters and of the community it serves in its decisions;
  5. to encourage and promote the principle of supporter representation on the board of any company owning or controlling the Club and ultimately to be the vehicle for democratic elections to the board;
  6. to promote, develop and respect the rights of members of the community served by the Club and people dealing with the Society as set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, having regard in particular to the need to provide information to members and conduct the affairs of the Society in accessible and appropriate ways:
  7. to provide and maintain facilities for the enjoyment of rugby league at professional and amateur levels in the Area
  8. to promote coaching schemes to develop the rugby league skills of young people and to widen interest in rugby league regardless of the sex or ethnic origin of those involved

NB - in the above, Club refers to Oldham RLFC

A full copy of the constitution is available to download here(pdf file).

Our thanks go to Supporters Direct for their help and assistance in helping to draft the constitution.


Supportes Direct have recently issued issued new "Model Rules" for Supporters Trusts, but they ahve to be agreed by the membership prior tp adoption. A full explanaton to be de given at the AGM on 20th May 2011 by Ian Wilson, Fir thise memberswishing to view these in draft and generic format, see this link for more detail.