Rugby Oldham - Aims and Objectives


Rugby Oldham is an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) - Registration Number 29986R. We are a non-profit making organisation, essentially operating as a democratic ‘one member one vote’ co-operative.

Volunteers for the Trusts Working Party in August 2005 elected an initial board structure to take us forward to our first Annual General Meeting at which point we held full and democratic elections.  

Established in August 2005 as a Rugby League Community Trust, our main initial aims and objectives are summarised below:

Mission Statement

‘To improve the future of Rugby League in Oldham and District’ 

Aims & Objectives

  1. To develop a Pro-Am rugby league stadium in Oldham.
  2. To ensure that the stadium remains secure in trust for future generations.
  3. To ensure that the stadium encompasses leisure facilities available to be used by the wider community.
  4. To help strengthen the bonds between the RL community at all levels by;
  • Ensuring that the stadium is used as a community based facility on an unprecedented scale.
  • Creating a central base for RL in Oldham to be used by amateur clubs, schools etc.
  • Supporting and promoting community development work. 


Whilst providing such a stadium remains central to the Trust's vision, the 2007 statement by the pro club that it intended to build a stadium  itself meant that the immediate focus of the Trust moved, at least for the time being, more in the direction of both representing views of supporters  and supporting community development work.
However, it is important to stress that the overall long-term objectives of the Trust remain unchanged.


In 2011 Oldham RLFC secured tenancy on Whitebank Stadium at Limeside. This is in much need of renovation in order to bring it up to RFL minimum standards. In September 2011 Rugby Oldham made an unspecified commitment to contribute financially to proposed terracing down the Whitebank Road side of the ground. There has as yet been no progress towards achieving this goal. See the regular Newsletters, available elsewhere on this website, for periodic updates given to members of the Trust on the progress of ground development discussions.